Eraserheads first album turns 25!

The Eraserheads Ultraelectromagneticpop! 25th Anniversary Numbered Limited Edition vinyl are pressed at RTI, Camarillo CA and packaged using premium quality Old Style Tip-On Gatefold Jackets by Stoughton Printing Company.  Stay tuned for the official announcement by Offshore Music and Sony Music Philippines on how to purchase the vinyl. More details will be out soon.

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42 thoughts on “Eraserheads first album turns 25!”

  1. Aileen Mendoza

    I’ve been waiting for this! I hope I’m in the Philippines when this comes out! πŸ˜›

  2. Please allow me to buy a 2 copies of your album…as my siblings requested for his upcoming 50th birthday… Thanks much…more power

  3. Henrison Agustin

    Just received an email for pre-order guidelines, where is the register button/link for pre-order? Thanks.

  4. i already subscribe to this page. looking forward on purchasing the album. will there be a release (US) release?

  5. G*dd*mnit! Why didn’t you Kickstarter or Indiegogo the shit out of this? You couldn’t figure out a way to forecast demand? Call me next time you tryna pull off shit like this. Tech savvy, MBA certified, career diplomat. You might want me on your business strategy team.

  6. christopher m valdez

    musta akoy isang tunay na dugong eheads sana naman mapagbigyan ako na maka order ng plakang yan kung paano sana po malaman ko! mabuhay ang mga tunay na dugong eheads

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