We are proud to announce the new addition to our roster, Suspiria Pink, a pop punk trio from Quezon City, Manila.

Suspiria Pink is all about enjoying themselves and making sure their listeners do too. They like to focus on creating fun music that tends to manifest in the form of fast tempos, catchy hooks, and an overall high energy sound that hinges on getting peoples’ attention. They’ve also tried to make sure that the tenets of their music are noticeable in their visual representation, be it their lighthearted shoots or their striking, horror inspired artwork. Members are Gwen Guck, Diego Cerrudo, and Lio Benson.


Dismember Avenue Cover Art.png


Their 3rd and first release, under Offshore, is out not for download and streaming on all major music streaming platforms. “Dismember Avenue” combines elements of old and new punk music in an attempt to create a short modern punk rock opera.


Get to know more about Suspiria Pink here.

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