“FALL INLOVE!”, new single of ena mori

ena mori released her new single “FALL INLOVE!” in all music streaming platforms. “FALL INLOVE!” is a song about dealing with pride and an unforgiving heart in a relationship. Apologizing, in any type of relationship is not easy, especially when you’re so caught up in the heat of the moment. ena mori hopes that this song resonates with those resistant to change and to let them know that it’s okay to compromise for those you love.

ena mori quoted ” I love writing about the awkward and ugly side of human emotions. I was a rebellious child once, and looking back on those days inspired me to write this song. Relationships are not just roses and unicorns. We think we see the ugly side of the other person when in reality, it mirrors an ugly side that you never admitted you had yourself. It all started when I visited my college for a performance. I was playing around some chords in the classroom and a melody of the chorus came to mind. Timothy Run and I came up with a beat and with the help of our good friend Zild Benitez, we were able to execute the bass solo section beyond any of our expectations. This is the first single release after my self-titled EP. I hope that this song will be a breath of fresh air for everyone, especially in these trying times.”



Together with the release of the single, ena mori released a DIY music video that she made at her grandmother’s garden in Japan.

“I had orchestrated a whole music video in my head then the COVID-19 outbreak happened. Everything had halted to a stop. I was discouraged and disappointed that the video most likely would never come to fruition given all the restrictions. In the middle of the pandemic, I got inspired by DIY things that people started to do from the comfort of their own home during the quarantine. I wanted to make a DIY-style music video. I shot every scene at my grandmother’s garden outside with the help of my little sister. It turned out better than what I expected! What I’m hoping is that this video will inspire people to continue to push forward and do what they want to do in life, no matter what.” -ena mori



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