Influenced by dreams and angelic atmosphere, Eliza Marie is a Filipino/American 20-year-old singer/songwriter and producer. After moving from America to Asia, she and her sister started by writing and producing music in her bedroom in her teens and uploaded them to Bandcamp- beginning her journey of creating songs seemingly straight out of diary. She draws influence from artists such as Lennon Stella, Maggie Rogers, and Clairo that amplify her girly, DIY sound. Her music tells stories of what it feels like to be a young woman experiencing growth and change in an ever-evolving world.

She’s currently taking up a Psychology course in one of the finest schools in Southern Manila – juggling between classes and creating new music. Eliza is set to break through the indie pop scene with her upbeat songs and enigmatic presence. She will be releasing her debut album through Offshore Music soon.

Tracks & Releases