Heralded as one of Pinoy Rock’s icons, Jun Lopito is a pioneer of the country’s rock n’ roll sound and culture. His 1995 album Bodhisattvas became a benchmark for Filipino rock music production, a celebration of collaboration in the form of one big jam.

Jun Lopito began his career in the 70’s and quickly cemented his place in the country’s music scene. He went on to play with a range of musicians in different genres, bringing his versatility and transcendental guitar playing into the mix. While he creates a palpable dynamic with whomever he shares the stage with, Lopito is also more than comfortable on his own. His solo performances display a stripped-down musicality that highlights the soul in his songwriting and his passion as a bluesman.

An active practitioner of Nichiren Buddhism (sgi), Jun Lopito’s unwavering faith allows him to continue to make music. He joined Offshore Music in 2018, fostering a creative environment that, slowly but surely, brought about the album bodhi3NMRK which is set for release in the third quarter of 2020. Listen to the first single Moonflowers out on major streaming platforms.

Tracks & Releases