JR Oca Experience (JOE) is a band that has taken many shapes and forms in its musical evolution, and each member has been molded by their own musical journeys. Their music is a sinful delight of funk, soul, and a little bit of jazz.Having been an active Manila musician since the 90s, JR Oca is no stranger to the music industry. One may say that JOE has always been close to his heart and an extension of his soul. Though many of its facets have changed, just as any man does in an ever-changing world, the essence remains the same. The latest incarnation of JOE features JR’s musical brothers. On bass duties is Miguel Dayanghirang, who, because of also being active in the Manila music circuit, has shared the stage with Oca more than a few times over the years of their friendship. On drums is the prodigy Jazz Dufourt, an extremely talented young artist who is making his rounds in the scene. On keys is Harold Santos, a multidisciplinary genius and a renaissance man

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