Pinkmen pushes the boundaries of Filipino music with a modern merging of classic folk, Manila sound, and 80’s rock-psychedelia. With rich vocal harmonies and compelling arrangements, their songs give rise to eclectic performances that meander from vulnerable and dreamy to playful and euphoric.

Tracing their roots back to their high school days, frontmen and long time buddies Giro and Matt, recall spending their breaks belting their lungs out to The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and APO Hiking Society. What began as after school jam sessions would later on become packed gigs and major concert stages, as the two would set out in college to perform their own music as the duo Pinkmen. In 2017, they were joined by friends Mark, JR, Jed, and Baile, transforming Pinkmen into the six-piece band it is today.

Since then, Pinkmen has held a constant presence in the Manila gig scene, performing in prominent concerts/festivals such as Fête Dela Musique and UP Fair. In 2018, they signed with independent record label Offshore Music under which they released their latest of several singles, “Sardinas”. The band’s first debut album is in the works.