Formed by lifelong friends Carlo and David, Seedy and The Years bring music inspired by many genres from different eras and presented by kids who grew up in the 90’s. They were classmates in high school and listened to the same tunes. Even when David migrated to the States in the early 2000s, music was the one thing that kept the friends in touch. Eventually, each carved out a career in music with David going into the underground hiphop scene in California and Carlo finding work with 69 Proof, I-Ray, Howl, and others. They would meet in the years between and in 2010 even performed some of David’s hiphop songs with Ray Bonifacio (Howl) on guitars and Nathan Fadera (OneInch) on bass. In 2016, while on a Christmas visit, Carlo and David recorded a couple of demos (Day Before and Younger) with the hopes of getting some airplay. Now, joined by Ray Bonifacio, Eboy Bautista, and Daetrick Aquino, Seedy and the Years do their best to bring honest and relatable music to listeners around the world.

Tracks & Releases