17 years after the release of dreampop precursor “Wanted Bedspacer”, Ely Buendia is back with his first official solo release.

Ely is a self-proclaimed collaborative artist and for the better part of his career post-2002, Ely has refrained from recording material on his own. Buendia went on to form a multitude of partnerships and collaborations and eventually went on to making good music with good people.

The singer/songwriter’s body of work includes modern rock with Pupil, Rockabilly with The Oktaves, Soul with Apartel along with his most recent collaboration with The Itchyworms.

Buendia’s passion with film inspired him to jump at the opportunity to write a song for the independent film “Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha” recorded at the now legendary “The Bunker”, Ely’s very own home studio.

“Gabi Man May Araw Din” is proof that Ely can still write an unapologetic pop song – if he wanted to. Make no mistake though! Immaculate hooks, elegant songwriting and stadium-worthy instrumentation, it’s a song whose caliber has not been heard on Philippine airwaves in recent memory – Gabi Man May Araw Din can proudly stan

Directed by Adrian Arcega
Produced by Day Cabuhat
Production Manager: Pepay Samson
Production Assistants: Teng Monteverde & JM Olarte
Assistant Director: Amiel Kabigting
Offline Editor/Post-Production Assistant: Carlo Enaje
Editing and Visual Effects by Stompworks Studios

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