A STORM’S BREWING… Sulo out with a new single, “SIGWA”

The CDO-based band Sulo releases their 2nd single under Offshore Music, a follow-up from the successful song, “Kawalan” called “Sigwa“,

sigwa sulo.png

Sigwa” in Tagalog means storm. While euphoria and romance make up what we understand of love, the true strength of a relationship is tested amidst a storm. The band wanted to touch on the subject of beauty and the sorrow of true love. In a society where a man’s infidelity is oftentimes shrugged off while a woman is automatically condemned, Sigwa is a special call to women who feel paralyzed by the mistakes of their past. True love can only bloom when you learn to forgive yourself.

This hip-hop/soul track slaps, and we hope you can include this in your playlist rotations!

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