ena mori releases the Reimagined version of her bop song, FALL INLOVE!


FALL INLOVE! (Reimagined) .jpg


Following the success of her single FALL INLOVE! which has garnered over 20k streams, ena mori brings us FALL INLOVE! (Reimagined) , another take on the original happy-pop version of the song. With the 80s minimal ballad feel, ena mori desires to reach out to people who rarely listen to pop music.



The song was produced by her, and also, directed the music video. Ena says on a tweet, “I hope this gives you a different take on this song.:. The FALL INLOVE! (Reimagined) music video is now up on Offshore Music Youtube Channel. Watch it here!

The 2021 Wish Awards voting is up until January 15, 2021. Vote for ena mori “Safe Zone” as the Wish Pop Song of the Year!

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