The NEW ena mori sound, “TALK! TALK!”


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Offshore Music would like to present a brand new song from Filipino-Japanese artist ena mori called “TALK! TALK!” Short and sweet, but guaranteed to blow your mind. TALK! TALK! is just a taste of what’s yet to come for her unique sound. ena mori will be releasing an album with brand new songs this 2021, this included.

TALK! TALK! is about dealing with many voices in your head.


Photo by: ena mori

Photo by: ena mori


“Since the pandemic happened and I had many hours of just spending time alone with myself, I couldn’t help but talk to myself a lot. I have many characters (puppets) in my head that tell me all kinds of things to negotiate with me. They know when I’m weak and vulnerable, and sometimes the voice starts deciding how I should act and think without my consent. I wrote this song to deal with my inner voices. 

I experimented with a lot of sounds in this song just to make the experiences as accurate as I can. There was doubt in the process of making this record because of the limitations that I had with the pandemic, but I am happy and proud that I trusted my heart to commit to this project. 

I recorded the vocals at my mother’s little closet, and Tim (timothy Run) and I worked on this song online. My only wish that this song will inspire someone to explore with their creativity especially when we are physically, emotionally, and mentally stuck. ” – ena mori 

Listen to TALK! TALK! below!

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