“Two Drank Soju” Album by Ian Penn, distributed under Offshore Music


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Ian Penn is a singer-songwriter from Mt. Arayat, Philippines. His songwriting was nurtured in the quiet of the countryside and on wide-open highways. Raised by a family of music lovers, he started writing songs at 16 inspired by Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan. His onstage charisma and undeniable musicality captivated audiences, rapidly gaining him a following of fans in Metro Manila.

His new album “Two Drank Soju” is a 10-track rum diary album and a collection of songs from a romantic escapade.

The album features collaborations with jazz virtuoso Bergan Nuñez on Bass, Pat Sarabia on Drums, Ivan Brosas (The Strangeness) on Slide Guitars to name a few.

Know more about Ian Penn: http://www.ian-penn.com

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