“VICES” album from the band Suspiria Pink

Indie Pop-Rock Band, Suspiria Pink, releases their debut album called “Vices”.

Vices is a concept album about the seven deadly sins and their place in modern-day society. Each song in the album tackles a different deadly sin on the thematic front (for example, Everything? Everything is about greed, Ex and Exes is about lust); Musically each song also tries to pay tribute to different punk subgenres and acts. From the band’s slow acoustic collaboration with Saab Magalona, “Lonely Hearts”, to the carefree party anthem “High!”, Vices is an ambitious album that attempts to capture the good and bad about what it means to be young and free in the world we live in today.


Today, JULY 7, join Suspiria Pink as they perform each song in their album “VICES”. Live at Offshore Music Facebook Page!

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