Ghost/Villain EP by the Jazz-Funk Septet, EXTRAPOLATION!



Extrapolation is an independent jazz, funk, and soul band from Manila, Philippines. They released a brand-new EP called Ghost/Villain distributed under Offshore Music.

Extrapolation wants to contribute to that better world that’s just beyond the horizon in the best way it can- by sharing music borne from their hearts and souls. Thus, the band is back with another self-produced EP that brings together their jazz, Latin, funk, and electronic influences to create a sound both timeless and timely. The carrier single, “Ghost”, is a percolating Songo-inspired tune that talks about the stages of grief one person goes through when a close relationship is abruptly and inexplicably cut off. Following that up is their B-side, “Villain”, a lurching trip-hop-influenced track about the brutal honesty required to descend into one’s unconscious and confront the self.


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The members of Extrapolation include vocalists Isab Velasquez and Zia Quizon, flutist Angelo Ampil, keyboardist Elijah Domingo, guitarist Dondee Alampay, bassist Enrique Santamaria, and drummer John Reluya.

For more information on the release and upcoming live streams follow Extrapolation on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook at @extrapolationph.

Check out the Ghost/Villain EP here!

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