Eliza Marie new single asks, “Why Can’t I Just Like No One?




Eliza Marie released her 3rd single under Offshore Music called, “Why Can’t I Just Like No One?”. This song is a track that revolves around the struggle of wondering if someone you like wants you back. A trivial dilemma, but something that is definitive of modern love, as mixed signals get thrown around – especially in our digital ways of communication. The bedroom pop elements make it all the more expressive of the youth. The key message: When you have to face whether your love will be returned or not, it seems easier to just not like anyone at all.

Listen to “Why Can’t I Just Like No One” by Eliza Marie below!

You can also watch now the Why Can’t I Just Like No One Music Video on Offshore Music Youtube Channel.

Eliza Marie is set to release another single this February 13 called “Bored As Hell”. This will be part of her album “All My Angels” which is set to be released sometime in April.

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